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The Enna Story

Would you believe the concept which would become Enna was the genesis of two lifelong friends having great pizza and fantastic Belgian lagers at a pizzeria in downtown Brussels, called La Pineta? While discussing being unsatisfied with our careers, we talked about the benefits of organizations being able to internalize their Kaizen activities. Over the course of this discussion we came to this conclusion: what fundamentally makes a business great is when employees want to apply their discretionary effort to their jobs. This is the underlying principle, regardless of operation methodology or new management techniques on the market; this is the tipping point to greatness.

The idea of Enna was born from this concept. We took our years of learning and collective experiences and began to form the business. The business gradually blossomed during the Fall of 2004.  By October we were gifted a name and identity that fit our organization’s purpose.  In December we resigned from our careers at DHL Express Logistics and moved back to Toronto, Canada to focus all our efforts and energy on our business; on January 6th, 2005 the concept of Enna become reality as Enna Incorporated.

For the next five months our development teams created everything from content to marketing plans, while securing capital to fund this large venture.  On May 3rd, 2005 Enna went live with the launch of its training materials to reach the growing community of Lean and Six Sigma learners, practitioners, and coaches. And then, the magic happened! On May 12th, 2005, Enna received its first order, from Tualatin, Oregon, and the orders haven't stopped since!

By August, Enna opened a branch office in Grand Island, New York in order to keep up with the growing demand from the USA, and by December 5th, 2005 a separate US division was born: Enna Products Corporation. After a long, tough look at Enna’s increasingly growing business, we soon made the decision to move our US headquarters to Bellingham, Washington; and, by the end of 2006 moved our fulfillment and shipping to Bellingham. We did this to become closer to multimedia talent and partners on the West Coast.

With Enna running smoothly on the West Coast now, we began shifting our sights to reprinting classic works (by authors such as H. L. Gantt and Frederick Taylor), eventually teaming up with renowned Lean expert Norman Bodek. We partnered with Mr. Bodek to publish the previously undiscovered works of Shigeo Shingo, bringing them to the attention of a greater number of people.

Along with the publishing side of our business, in 2008 we expanded to provide Lean Study Missions to Japan to provide more people with access to the concepts of engagement and empowerment, which are largely missed with current training materials throughout the rest of the world. We feel that providing these unique tours brings organizations closer to our mission to help leaders cultivate mission-engaged employees.

We continue to expand our own knowledge and seek out new modes of learning for our clients and their employees. We are ecstatic about the future and drive forward to help industry improve by exposing them to the best applications of Lean Leadership Thinking in the 21st Century.

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