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We use our knowledge and imagination to translate lean concepts into products that meet a range of your needs. Our commitment to innovation and research has helped more than 10,000 businesses around the world.

Not satisfied with the training materials that were currently in the marketplace, we at Enna began, and continue, to develop high quality training modules that can be utilized within any industry. With our library of over 1000 training modules, each with varying depths of knowledge, there is something for every stage of your Lean implementation. Whether it is for personal enlightenment, company training, or assets to help you achieve a physical change that will help to alter and sustain a creative company culture, our products have the staying power you need.

Many of our training modules and materials have been designed for our Branches – to help our franchisees to learn, instruct, and provide a foundation from where they can grow. We are constantly working with industry leaders, branch owners, and our customers around the world to develop the materials that matter the most to you.

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