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Enna's Core Values

Our vivid imaginative conception is for every organization to be home to mission-engaged workers; where the world wants to experience how these people perform and develop as individuals.  These organizations will be world-class in all financial measures, all respects to humanity, and the environment. To help us realize our vision, Enna holds these Core Values to be true:

1. Embrace and Drive Change

Our focus at Enna is to drive lasting change throughout the industry and beyond that will create a positive impact on the future. We embrace change with open arms and work with others to do the same. It is important to constantly evolve, change, and grow – don’t be afraid of change, embrace it!


2. Foster Creativity and Open-Mindedness

Creativity is lost on a closed-minded society.

Our ongoing goal is to assist our employees, our clients, our friends, and everyone we meet to open their minds to and grasp the possibilities that are abundant around us. Once we open our minds we begin to see more creative solutions and can, to use a rather over-used phrase, “think outside the box” to solve problems and create new opportunities.


3. Actively Pursue Learning and Growth

Since before the start of Enna we have actively pursued a life of learning, engaging with people, and growing; whether it be through formal or informal encounters, we are constantly growing and evolving. We have integrated this thirst for knowledge into every aspect of our business. In order to grow you must surpass that which you have been, and to do that you must learn – through reading, discussions, experiences, and trial and error.

This is also an important driving aspect behind our business. We want our employees and our customers to learn and grow, and that drives us to learn more in order to provide more comprehensive materials. The more we grow and learn, the more we can extend that to our family of people, and the knowledge gets passed on, and shared, and expanded upon.


4. Communicate Openly and Honestly

Communication and honesty are the foundation of any relationship, and we value strong relationships in all areas of our business.


5. Build a Positive Family Team

Everyone understands the importance of teamwork in achieving greater success, but what about more than just teamwork? At Enna we have created a family with our employees, branch owners, and global contacts. This deeper level of caring about one another’s successes, what we can do to help each other grow, and collaboration and solidarity in our approach of improvement provides you, the customer, with the best we all, combined, have to offer.


6. Do More With Less

Part of being not only environmentally friendly but also making a conscious choice to improve continuously is to do more while using less. This means being less wasteful in the materials we use than our competition, stretching our resources farther, and providing more to the community than we take. Since there is always room for improvement, we spend much of our time making improvements in our operations, in our products, and in our interactions with our clients, customers, affiliates, and global family.

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