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A Japanese word for 'Hands-Free'. The goal of Tebanare is to use low cost automation on manual machines in order to allow people to do work that is more valuable, work that only a person can perform.


Theory of Constraints (TOC)

A Lean Management philosophy that focuses on the removal of constraints in order to increase throughput and decrease both inventory and operating expenses.


Thought Process Map (TMAP)

A visual representation of a person's or team's thoughts that act as a roadmap to progress through DMAIC. This is a living document that will change throughout the project and has no set format.



The rate at which the entire system generates money. PERMALINK

Throughput Costing

Counts only unit-level costs as the cost of a product or service. All other costs of resources used are counted as operating costs (or expenses). The throughput (under Throughput Costing) = (Sales Revenue) - (all unit-level spending for direct costs).


Throughput Time

The total amount of time it takes for a product or service to go through the entire system, from order entry/receipt, through delivery. This includes any delays due to demand exceeding availability, processing delays, movement, queues, etc.

See also Lead Time


Tier 1 Supplier

A supplier with prime or paramount design responsibilities for key systems, subsystems, or components as pertaining to end product(s).

See also Tier 2 Supplier


Tier 2 Supplier

A supplier to Tier 1 Suppliers, or a direct supplier of less critical components, systems, or subsystems.

See also Tier 1 Supplier


Time-Based Strategy

A strategy that drives improvement activities through a focus on time and its relation to Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, and Morale. Also focuses on the reduction in lead time, setup times, and cycle times as a means of becoming more competitive.


Time to Market

The length of time it takes for a product to go from development to the first market sale. PERMALINK

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