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Red Tag Register

5S, SMED Quick Changeover, Classic Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing

The 5S Red Tag Register Form is to be used for the documenting of items identified during the Sort process of 5S. This form can be used during a workshop or for an ongoing program to ensure that all red tagged items are tracked.

A single point of control and reference for the tracking of items, equipment, and materials that have been Red Tagged.

Summary of Steps

  1. Note the project date and work area for reference
  2. Items that are tagged are to be documented on this form as follows:
    • Transfer information from 5S Red Tag to the register
    1. Item Description
      • Found in “Item Name” field on Tag
    2. Date Sorted
      • Corresponding “Date” field on Tag
    3. Log Number
      • Back of tag on the bottom in a box
    4. Reason for Tag
      • Bottom of tag for reference but with added detail
    5. Classification
      • Found in “Action to Take” section; confirm that it is detailed enough to be actionable


Included in:
5S Training Package
5S  Office Training Package
Lean MFG Training Package
SMED Quick Changeover Training Package
Classic Kaizen Training Package

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