5S Online Training Program

5S Online Training Program

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What is 5S?

5S is a strategic approach to implementing quality, process, and business improvement through the use of foundational principles of continuous improvement in order to have meaningful impact on key business results. Developed at Toyota in the 1970s, use of the 5S methodology has expanded to many industrial and business organizations. Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Genie Industries, among others, have received widespread attention in the business media for their successful 5S programs.

Program Purpose

To meet a demand for businesses the need for flexible training options in business improvement through 5S, Enna developed a new training initiative in 5S methodology with the cooperation of Philips, Materials Control Group, TPF Europe, Timmerije, Minkels, and SMIT Transforms. This flexible program was created for businesses and their employees to pursue unconventional training and overview of the 5S methodology.

Program Components

The program consists of 9 modules plus examples, illustrations, and 5S forms.
The 7 modules consists of a combination of trainers material and on-line course training and is an excellent way to train your whole company without shutting down a department or taking away from production. The required modules are:

  • Preparation
  • Introduction
  • Workplace Analysis
  • Sorting
  • Setting in Order
  • Shining
  • Standardize
  • Sustaining and Maintaining
  • Appendix

As well the program is also available in Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and French

Training can be conveniently delivered both online and in traditional classrooms with a video projector. This accessible format provides the flexibility for your company. The 5S On-line Distance Training Program can be completed in as little as one day or spread over many weeks.

Enna's 5S Online Program

With over 20 years of experience to draw upon, our distance 5S on-line learning study mode gives you maximum flexibility and portability to achieve greater knowledge across your business. Our on-line distance learning program is ideal if you need to train many employees around your company's production schedule, work hours, and other commitments that people have in their day to day careers. Your final test will provide feedback to how successful the training has become for each member taking the test; we don't specify the learning mode you chose for your organization.

The 5S on-line program, including your examinations, can be undertaken from anywhere in the world. We offer a flexible delivery method and additions to this program to ensure you are able to deliver good quality training with the flexibility you need to maximize knowledge transfer to your staff so it is still collaborative, interactive and interesting.

The distance online learning has 9 modules that allow your employees to take it in segments of time and re-enter whenever it is convenient. No matter when you join you will be able to take up to one year to complete the program. This is ideal if you haven't been involved in the 5S program from the initial onset but allows you to quickly roll out a program in your department well into the license year.

You can apply your customized user name and password at any time and you will automatically be apart of this wonderful program.

5S Distance On-line Learning

The 5S On-line Learning mode offers shared learning due to creating a virtual class composition – organizations and their employees from more than 20 countries with varied work experiences and background have participated in this program. The material is highly robust and educational, forming the bedrock of interaction with illustrations, examples, and explanations or each of the 5Ss. It is an experience and format that will deliver the best value – that is the 5S on-line program experience.

We use a variety of delivery methods to give you the highest quality learning, with the luxury of working at your own organization's speed and timeframe. We also use a variety of modules. For instance, of the five core modules, all are able to log out and log back in at any time and forward to the next section. We provide excellent print based trainer material for all of our 5S modules and this facilitates local documentation and study groups to provide the material to support on-site group activity – this is very important to guide learning on-site.

One of the many benefits of this 5S online distance learning mode is that you commit to smaller sections of training with as much structure and flexibility you want in your 5S training program.

Trainer's Guide

Good quality printed materials are an important medium for facilitating study in small groups and at a distance. The facilitator Guide includes:

  • Preparation guidelines to help; set the stage for your 5S program, forming the project group, planning the activities for your location, and selecting the target area for 5S.
  • Supporting guidelines to the introduction of 5S in your facility. This includes articulating the learning goals of this program, preparing your group for the videos, and recommendations on how to carry out the training.
  • Covers all 5Ss; Sort, Setting in Order, Shining, Standardizing, Sustaining and Maintaining. At each step of 5S the training materials will guide you along as a facilitator.
  • Finally, you will be provided with example of the 5S evaluation review form, examples of Sorting, Setting in Order, Shining, Standardizing, Sustaining and Maintaining. As well, you will be provided with Red Tags and a Red Tag procedure guide.
  • Lastly, all this is provide to you as specially written by Enna's staff who are all leading practitioners in their field. The notes are updated annually, ensuring you get the best of current thinking. Delivered in a custom binder, and made from recycled materials, they are carefully designed to complement the best management books available, and usually contain all that is listed above.

In addition, you will also receive all of the following:

  • '100% Leadership: Guidelines to be an Effective Leader' by Gabriel Hevesi has been written specially for you to help establish good leadership skills as you are the leader of this group no matter how virtual it is. It covers general leadership guidelines skills and offers advice about how to approach leadership techniques for maximum success.
  • 3CD Audio Book of '100% Leadership: Guidelines to be an Effective Leader'. This is not an abridged version but is a full version of the book and is an excellent produced product.
  • 'Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking' by Shigeo Shingo, is a gem of a book, helps you understand the thought process of the genius behind the idea of 5S and Lean Manufacturing which you will need as your organization undergoes this kind of transformation.
  • Enna's RTR program converts your 5S Red Tag data into useful information. RTR conveniently records, analyzes, manages, and communicates the progress of your Red Tagging activities. Enna's RTR Program will allow you to professionally manage your 5s red tag initiative. RTR helps your teams work better, and aids in the management and control of your company-wide 5S program.
  • Volume 1 and 2 of Shigeo Shingo unscripted consulting on 5S and Lean Manufacturing. Dr. Shingo is probably the greatest single contributor to modern manufacturing. These two videos as a must for your Lean library.
  • 'The Principles of Scientific Management' by Frederick' W. Taylor, was a mental revolution that spawned the very ideas of process improvement, equity and efficiency between workers and management, and the attainability of high production with low labor costs. Read the American classic that inspired Shigeo Shingo! Taylor discusses eliminating waste by using the system he developed over the course of his career and how it applies to individual, as well as collective, improvement initiatives. As the basis of modern organizational efficiency, this instrumental book has motivated managers and engineers for almost 100 years.
  • 150 Red Tags are included with this package and are pre-wired so your employees can quickly and attach the Red Tag to any piece of equipment or item.
  • Included is 3 pads of our 5S Evaluation Review Form. This form is used to evaluate your current state of 5S in a work area. Use this form in conjunction with your 5S Online Distance program.
  • Lastly, 3 5S V2 Summary Posters are included with the package to put up in your training room, office, or on this shop floor. These will help remind the participants of the importance of 5S in their work environment.

Study Groups

We actively encourage and ask that you facilitate both local and virtual study groups. These are a valuable source of learning, social, and moral support, providing opportunities for discussion with others. They also help to broaden your employee's perceptions of the topics being studied.

Some local study groups meet fortnightly, others less frequently. Some meet on the evening shift for an hour a week, while others might meet on the weekends during a time line that makes sense for their operation. The majority of participants also join a virtual study groups at their organizations. These allow employees to raise problems, clarify ideas, and discuss issues in a flexible environment.

Included With This Package:

(1) - 5S Version 2 Poster
(1) - The 5S's of Lean Poster
(3) - 5S Office Evaluation Review Form
(1) - 100% Leadership Book - Hardcover
(1) - Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking - Hardcover
(1) - The Principles of Scientific Management
(1) - 100% Leadership - 3 Disk Audio Book
(1) - Red Tag Database Software
(1) - Shigeo Shingo - Volume I DVD
(1) - Shigeo Shingo - Volume II DVD
(3) - 150 Red Tags

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