Employees: Your greatest asset

Employees: Your greatest asset

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The greatest assets that you have, as a business owner, are your employees. Yes, the products or services that you sell are what generate your profit; but without the input, ideas, and backing of your employees, your company would soon be out of business.

In order to stay viable in this constantly changing world we need to embrace and empower our employees in order for us all to achieve greater heights. As the 8th Waste of Lean states, Non-Utilized Talent is an ever growing issue within businesses that needs to be resolved. The saying is 'two minds are better than one', but why not many minds working together to achieve a common goal? Join Enna's Employees: Your Greatest Asset Webinar to explore how you can unlock the potential in your employees.

You will learn about:

  • Ideas for generating employee improvement suggestions
  • The power in an engaged workforce
  • Benefits to you as a business
  • How to sustain employee suggestions and improvements

Length: 2 hours

How it Works:

After you register for a webinar you will receive a confirmation email. For public offering webinars you will receive a follow up email which will contain a link to our online training center to register for the specific date. For company scheduled webinars we will contact you to schedule your private webinar.

*Please note that you may incur phone charges. To avoid charges you can use the VOIP provided; you will need a headset or microphone and speaker connected to your computer.

**Some webinars require a longer time to load into your browser, so we suggest you sign in at least 10 minutes prior to the webinar start time.

To request more information or to schedule a webinar, please email us.

Why should you participate?

Participation in a webinar is a quick, easy, low cost, no travel way of learning and sharing ideas. By attending Enna's webinars you will be given access to high quality service, years of practical knowledge, and time after each webinar to have your questions answered and interact with your peers who are also attending the webinar. As with all of Enna's training programs and packages, we stand behind the idea that you will learn and retain more by seeing, hearing, and discussing t

Who should attend?

Business leaders, management staff, Lean implementation agents, and anyone wishing to know more about Lean.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a Web-based Seminar, or an online, interactive conference or seminar. Think of it as a conference that you can attend anywhere via an internet connection. There is a presenter, or presenters, and participants interacting and learning about the stated subject of the webinar, without the hassle of travel, lodging, and the expenses that go along with them.

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