Lean Wastes Posters

Lean Wastes Posters

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  1. 8 Wastes of Lean Poster

    8 Wastes of Lean Poster


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    The 8 Wastes of Lean Poster will increase the effectiveness of your Lean manufacturing program. It serves as a reminder to reduce wastes (muda) as part of Lean Manufacturing.
  2. 7 Wastes of Operations: Poster

    7 Wastes of Operations: Poster


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    Enna's 7 Wastes of Operations Poster is a visual aid that increases the effectiveness of Lean training sessions and continues the communication of the 7 Wastes while the participants are involved in the workshop, and after the event has come to a close. One of the fundamentals to Lean Manufacturing is the identification and further elimination of waste (Muda). This poster will further this commitment on a daily basis without management having to be constantly present.
  3. Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor Poster

    Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor Poster


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    This poster is designed to explain the concept of identifying shop floor waste in a simple, brightly illustrated way. This concept is also referred to as the 5M+QS or 5MQS of waste identification.
  4. The Three MUs Poster

    The Three MUs Poster


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    The poster is available with a thin Plastic Film Coating to protect against dust and grime, fading due to light exposure, and oil from finger marks. We encourage our customers to protect their posters with this product. As well, we offer a set of poster hangers and rails for each poster. This option allows the trainer / facilitator to display the visual tool without damaging the poster.
  5. 7 Wastes Poster (Spanish)

    7 Wastes Poster (Spanish)


    El póster de 7 Desperdicios de Operaciones de Enna es una herramienta visual que aumenta la efectividad de los talleres de entrenamiento Esbelto (Lean) a la vez que continúa comunicando el concepto de los 7 desperdicios a los participantes mientras están involucrados en el taller e inclusive una vez que este se ha terminado. Fundamental a la Manufactura Esbelta (Lean) es la identificación y eliminación de desperdicios (Muda). Este póster ayudará al personal a recordar este compromiso diariamente sin que la gerencia tenga que estar presente constantemente.
  6. 7 Wastes of Operations: Poster (French)

    7 Wastes of Operations: Poster (French)


    French poster - 7 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

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